Danielle Calderaro

As a young professional in real estate, Danielle has the drive, ambition, and determination required to sell any home quickly. She was raised around the business from the time she was born and worked as her mother's assistant throughout high school. Danielle is incredibly enthusiastic in her endeavors and has a mindset to achieve high levels of success.

Before embarking on her real estate career, Danielle attended the University of Florida School of Art History. There, she put her determination to the test and graduated in only three years with a Bachelors in Art-- starting with no prior college credits! Danielle’s main focus centered on Architectural Art History, allowing her to become very well-versed in various architectural styles.

After graduation she stayed and volunteered in Gainesville at the Harn Museum of Art until moving back to Sarasota towards the end of 2015. Once home, Danielle obtained her real estate license and began working in property management. This venture gave her great platforms to understand the rental market and what clients are looking for in reference to becoming homeowners.

In her free time, Danielle loves going out on the boat with her boyfriend (who captains private yachts), fishing, touring art museums in the area, and attending local events. Art, culture, and nature are very important aspects of her life and she loves learning about new cultures whenever possible.

Danielle’s specialties in regards to her real estate career include her ability to adapt to any personality, great understanding of the current market, and inept skills in knowing when to utilize analytical facts versus emotional opinions in any home search.

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